Feel Better with Personalized Therapy designed for Better Results.


At Overt, our focus is on getting you back to feeling like yourself quickly and in the way that feels right to you.

To accomplish that, we have hired exceptional mental health therapists, crafted Wellness Journeys specific to your challenges, and put together all the tools and exercises you might need – all in one place. From there, we put things in your hands. You choose your therapist, how you want to learn and interact, when you start, and what you can afford.


Guided Wellness Journeys are better therapy.
An unmatched experience that is:


You choose your therapist³, your challenge, and if you want to interact over chat, in a group, or in an individual video session. From there, your therapist will adapt your support and plan according to your needs.


We utilize proven methods including activities, exercises, education¹, in-between session chat support², groups, assessments and accountability⁴ to help you achieve unparalleled results.


From scheduling to our one-of-a-kind personal development platform, we provide you all the tools and education you need - all in one place.

Spend less time looking for the right therapist. 

Finding a therapist can be complicated and time-consuming. You need the right fit—not just for your challenges, but for who you are. That’s why we’ve hired our staff of exceptional therapists, so you don’t have to worry about finding your mental health match.

We choose our therapists so carefully that we consider them Wellness Pros.

Our Wellness Pros are:

  • Results Driven: Our Wellness Pros utilize measurements such as GAD-7 and PHQ-9, regularly adjusting so you see real results, as soon as possible!
  • Compassionate: They are not just therapists: they are friendly, personable, and empathetic individuals who are highly recommended by past participants and dedicated to creating a safe space for your vulnerability and growth.
  • Individually Focused: Focused on supporting you, your values, and your mental health journey and beyond, our Wellness Pros are trained and encouraged to adapt our Wellness Journeys to meet your specific needs.
  • Proven Experience: With 5+ years of clinical experience, our Wellness Pros are clinically licensed, ensuring you receive guidance from seasoned professionals who prioritize regular training and specialize in the support you need.

We have a Wellness Journey for your life’s challenges.
We’ve meticulously crafted journeys to meet your specific needs. 

Emotional Wellness

Accordion Content

Learn the causes of anxiety, including insights into biological and environmental contributors. Our Wellness Pros will teach you multiple techniques, exercises, and practices to incorporate into your daily life that not only help manage symptoms of anxiety but can increase your emotional wellness.

Learn what happens in your mind and body when you experience a lack of motivation or connection, mood swings, and depression. Our Wellness Pros will guide you through proven techniques to help decrease your symptoms and improve your emotional wellness.

Learn how emotional wellness and resilience contribute to your mental and physical well-being. Our Wellness Pros will teach you the skills, tools, and exercises to help develop your mental strength and improve your emotional health.

Relational Wellness

Accordion Content

Learn how to build connection and intimacy in your relationship. Our Wellness Pros will help you explore common relationship difficulties and gain the skills to help you navigate them, strengthen your relationship, and be proactive in maintaining a healthy relationship. You will also receive exercises and tools to help you succeed long-term.

Learn how to build lasting relationships. Our Wellness Pros will help you learn the skills to strengthen and successfully navigate your close personal relationships. You will also receive exercises and tools to help you succeed.

Learn how to become an effective parent while developing closeness with your child. You’ll learn about your child’s development and explore common parenting challenges. And our Wellness Pros will help you gain new skills, tools, and exercises to expand your successful parenting toolbox.

Spiritual Wellness

Accordion Content

Learn who you are and find the uniqueness that is you. With the help of our Wellness Pros, you’ll learn more about yourself and what makes you— you. You’ll explore the characteristics, qualities, beliefs, values, and experiences that define and distinguish you. You’ll also receive exercises and tools to help you thrive on your identity journey.

Learn how to set a meaningful direction for your life. Our Wellness Pros will support you as you clarify your beliefs, life mission, and goals. You’ll gain skills to help you build effective habits and make actionable steps towards the life you want to live.

Learn how to show up everyday committed to your identity and direction. Our Wellness Pros will support you as you face normal setbacks and roadblocks. You’ll gain skills to help you build effective habits and make actionable steps towards the life you want to live.

Our Wellness Journeys are as unique as you.


Get to know your Wellness Pro, and our unique Journeys for free.

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Purchase your program & schedule your sessions.


Complete your first lesson, activities, and coursework.


Engage with your Wellness Pro over chat as needed.


Attend your online sessions.


Add additional 1:1 chat or individual sessions at any time.


Complete remaining lessons, course work, and online sessions.


Continue your growth by seamlessly adding additional Journeys or 1:1 sessions.

You choose your Journey.
Personalized service levels for personalized support.


Most Affordable
$17per week for six weeks
  • Six Online Lessons & Coursework
  • Personal Growth Tools & Assessments


More Support
$64per week for six weeks
  • Six 30-min Chat Therapy Sessions
  • Between Session Chat Therapy
  • Six Online Lessons & Coursework
  • Personal Growth Tools & Assessments


Most Effective
$79per week for six weeks
  • Six 90-min Online Group Therapy Sessions
  • Between Session Chat Therapy
  • Six Online Lessons & Coursework
  • Personal Growth Tools & Assessments


Most Tailored
$99per week for six weeks
  • Six 30-min Online Individual Therapy Sessions*
  • Between Session Chat Therapy
  • Six Online Lessons & Coursework
  • Personal Growth Tools & Assessments

Add individual therapy sessions to any journey at any time. 

Payment and financing options available at checkout. 

Experience the Overt Group Guarantee

All of our group Journeys come with a money back guarantee!

Don’t go solo on your Wellness Journey

As the saying goes, “if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”
At Overt, the point of the Wellness Journey is to go as far as you can toward your mental health goals. So, we like to go together.

It can feel intimidating or scary, but our Wellness Pro-led groups can help:

  • You feel better faster.
  • Build peer support, bonding, and a fun learning environment.
  • Give you a place to learn from others who have similar struggles.
  • Provide you with a safe space to express yourself.
  • Give you a voice.
  • Offer you a sounding board.
  • Promote and grow your social skills.

Plus, it costs less than individual therapy. And more therapy for your money is always a good thing.

We like it so much, we’ll even let you try it for free.

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Still not sure how you feel about groups? Let’s talk about it some more. 

With Overt Groups, you’re in control of your vulnerability.

Your hands are on the steering wheel, and your foot is on the gas. You’ll never be forced to share or do something you’re not comfortable with.

We like to think of it as attending a growth group or a group coaching call.

If groups aren’t your thing, we understand.

We created Journeys specifically for you.

Check out our guided Wellness Journeys.

Access our free personal development platform today!

Not all therapy is created equal.

Maybe you’ve tried traditional therapy, and it just wasn’t for you. We believe it’s all about the fit and finding the right resources and people to help you change your life. While the hard work is 100% yours to do, we’ve fine-tuned each of our programs so that you get more of what you need and less of what you don’t.


Less Value
$133National Average Per Week
  • Six 50 min Individual Sessions
  • Handouts & Links
  • Limited access to your therapist
  • Self-pay, insurance, or HSA/FSA


More Value
$75Per Week
  • Six 90 min Group Sessions - swap group sessions for individual sessions if desired
  • Six Lessons + Exercises
  • In-app Therapist Chat
  • Free Workshops
  • Personal Growth Tools
  • Easy Online Scheduling
  • Wellness Self-Assessments
  • Self-pay, insurance certificate, or HSA/FSA

We’re so much better together. 
We’re all about compassion, dignity, humanity, and help for all. We like to think of it as building and maintaining a caring community. And we believe in what we’re doing so deeply that five percent of our annual profits go to helping grant access to emotional, relational, and spiritual programs through Overt Foundation, to those who would struggle to afford it otherwise.

Real therapy. Real results.

Overt’s staff of Wellness Pros are real people who guide you through your Journey. No chatbots or waiting rooms. Just real resources for real results.

We know you’ll love Overt. Not sure yet? Check out what our customers are saying.



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