Intimate Relationships Self-Assessment

The intimate relationship assessment is a tool to assess satisfaction in an intimate relationship with your partner over the last 6 weeks. The tool provides feedback for you to evaluate your relationship and set goals to improve your relationship. It is generally for monogamous, intimate relationships.

We offer other assessments to measure satisfaction in social/interpersonal relationships and parenting. We recognize that there are many different and important areas of relationships. This assessment a guide to assess your relationship with a spouse or life partner.

We invite you to reflect on your personal scores and make goals for yourself and with your partner. You can record and track your goals in the Overt app. You may also wish to discuss the results with you therapist.


Intimate Relationships

Intimate relationships are close and personal bonds that involve physical, emotional, and/or sexual intimacy. In the context of a spouse or life partner, intimate relationships are typically long-term, committed, and exclusive, meaning that both partners agree to share their lives and be faithful to each other.

Intimate relationships with a spouse or life partner may also involve legal rights and responsibilities, such as marriage, cohabitation, or civil partnership². Intimate relationships with a spouse or life partner require trust, respect, communication, and compromise, as well as mutual support, affection, and care.

Intimate relationships with a spouse or life partner can enhance well-being, happiness, and health, but can also face challenges, such as conflicts, misunderstandings, infidelity, or abuse.

Intimate relationships with a spouse or life partner differ from close friendships in that they usually involve a deeper level of intimacy, both physical and emotional, and a higher degree of interdependence and commitment.


Interpreting your self-assessment:

Compare your score for the Overt app to the scoring below to determine if you might be struggling in your intimate relationship.


25-50: Very low to low satisfaction in intimate relationship

51-75: Mild satisfaction in intimate relationship

76-100: Moderate satisfaction in intimate relationship

101-125: High satisfaction in intimate relationship


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