We don’t do insurance, so you can do therapy your way.

We’re all about being overt. So let us be direct: We don’t work directly with insurance companies (though we offer insurance certificates for companies that accept them).

Why? It’s simple. First, cutting out the middleman allows us to pay our therapists better, which allows us to find the best therapists.

Second, cutting out insurance allows us to provide you with more customized programs and services. Did you know that insurance companies require a diagnosis and then dictate to therapists what kind of support they can provide (duration, tools, exercises, etc.) based on what they cover? We want to provide whatever support will help you get to your goal, regardless of whether it’s “covered.”

Oh, and third–when you work with us, your data is secure. We don’t share it and we don’t require you to get an official diagnosis unless you want one. It’s just another way we’re doing therapy differently.

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