How to Get Over a Fear of Bugs

Taylor Kemp

July 20, 2023 - 10:00 AM

A Fear of Bugs: What is it? Why might you struggle with it?  


Entomophobia is an extreme and persistent fear of insects. People struggling with entomophobia tend to feel anxious when they think about or see an insect. This fear could lead to them avoiding places or activities that they used to enjoy, such as parks, basements, or camping. This fear of bugs could also cause some to experience panic attacks, sweating, trembling, or crying when exposed to insects.   


Entomophobia could arise due to past traumatic events involving bugs, genetic factors, or behaviors learned from friends or family. Some people may fear insects because they associate them with disease, pain, or infestation. Others may find insects disgusting, unpredictable, or threatening. Whatever the reason, entomophobia can interfere with your quality of life and prevent you from enjoying nature and outdoor activities.  


If you have entomophobia, you may ask yourself, “What can I do to get over my fear of bugs?” There are several ways to overcome your phobia of bugs and reduce your anxiety.   

Feeling overwhelmed by a fear of bugs.


  1. Acknowledge and Accept the Fear  

One of the first ways to reduce your anxiety surrounding bugs is to acknowledge and accept it. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed by your phobia. Remember that this is a common, treatable condition that affects many people. It is okay! Just because you are afraid of bugs, it does not mean that you are irrational or weak.   

Recognize your fear, but do not let it define you. Instead, change your mindset. Be willing to face your fear and work through it instead of avoiding or denying it. By acknowledging and accepting your fear, you can change your relationship with it and reduce its power over you.  

Accepting yourself is one of many tips to help you understand how to get over fear of bugs.   


  1. Positive Mindset  

Another way to overcome your fear of bugs is to adopt a positive mindset. By having an optimistic attitude towards yourself and your phobia, you can change how you think. Challenge those negative thoughts and beliefs that fuel your fear and instead replace them with more realistic and helpful ones.  

Go ahead and give it a try! Think about some of those scary thoughts that pop into your mind when you see or imagine a bug. Now, set those thoughts to the side. Acknowledge that they are there. Channel those negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones. Remind yourself that most insects are harmless, and the chances of being harmed by an insect are very low. You could also focus on the benefits of overcoming your fear of bugs, such as being able to enjoy nature more or feeling more confident and relaxed.  

A positive mindset can help you cope with your fear of bugs by reducing your anxiety and increasing your motivation. It can also help you feel more empowered and take back control of your phobia.  

Changing your mindset from a negative one to positive one, so that you can get over your fear of bugs.


  1. Entomology Visit  

Another possible way to overcome your fear of bugs is to visit an entomology museum. Entomology is the study of insects. Visiting an entomology museum or center could help you learn more about insects, their diversity, their beauty, and their role in our community.  

Visiting an entomology museum is a way to expose yourself to insects in a safe and controlled environment. There are experts who can answer your questions and provide you with accurate information about insects. Through this activity, you can reduce negative associations with insects and develop more positive ones.  

Visiting a Bug Museum to help get over your fear of bugs.   


  1. Exposure to Bugs  

Similarly, you can seek help for your fear of bugs by trying Exposure Therapy (also known as ERP or Exposure and Response Prevention). Exposure therapy is a type of psychotherapy that involves facing the source of your phobia repeatedly until you become less afraid of it. Exposure therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat specific phobias like entomophobia because of its gradual and systematic nature.  

Exposure therapy for entomophobia usually starts with discussing your fear of insects with a therapist or a trusted person. Then, you may be shown pictures or videos of insects, followed by exposure to live insects in a controlled setting. The exposure may start with less scary insects, such as butterflies or ladybugs, and progress to more scary ones, such as spiders or cockroaches.  

Exposure therapy aims to help you get used to insects and reduce your anxiety when you see them or think about them.  

   Practicing ERP Therapy for fear of bugs by holding a monarch butterfly.


  1. Talk with a Therapist 

Another option for you is to talk with a therapist. Some therapists are specially trained to help you overcome your fear of bugs. Discussing your fear with a therapist can help identify the root cause of your anxiety and develop strategies for coping with it. This could be through ERP or other routes.   

Talking with a therapist to overcome your fear of bugs.


Conclusion: Overcoming your Fear of Bugs  

Overcoming your fear of bugs is possible. Do not lose hope! See which option works best for you. With the right mindset, exposure, and support, you can overcome your fear of bugs and live a happier, more fulfilling life.  

Feeling happier through overcoming your fear of bugs.

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