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“We all struggle. I spent years going through therapy to help me with my personal struggles with anxiety and addiction, and in going through that journey, I realized that therapy can be expensive, complicated, slow, and ineffective. It doesn’t have to be that way. I put together an all-star team of therapists, programmers, and business minds to solve those problems so we all can get the help we need to live the lives we want to live.”

-Kylan Veibell
Founder & CEO



You'll receive a 10% commission paid monthly

10% Coupon

Your audience will receive a 10% off coupon.

FREE First

Your audience will receive their first session free.



You'll have access to all of our self-directed programs and tools at no cost.


You'll enjoy this discount on all personal sessions.*

About Us
Life is hard. Therapy doesn’t have to be. That’s why we created
Overt. To make therapy more effective, simple, affordable, and
readily available. At Overt, we provide you with everything you need to
feel like your best self—education, exercises, tools, accountability,
support, and of course, therapy. Plus, your first session is on us so
you can see if your therapist and our approach is right for you.

Who can be an Overt affiliate? 
Honestly? Anyone who’s looking to change lives—including their own. Whether you reach one person or 1,000, becoming an Overt affiliate is the perfect place to start if you’re passionate about mental health. The difference you can make is real whenever you’re ready.

Becoming an affiliate is as simple as 1, 2, 3


Submit a simple form by clicking sign up to be an Overt affiliate.


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Questions? Check out our affiliate FAQs.

Overt is passionate about helping people improve their mental health, which in turn improves their lives and the lives of those they love. We also believe that therapy and mental health support should be simple, effective, affordable, and available. If you share our passion for helping others, then sign up so you can make an impact and get paid for doing it.  

Fill out an application form by clicking the link below. We will review your application and if accepted, you will receive an email notification with an option to set up a call. The username and password you created in the form will then become active and you will be able to log into the affiliate program, create links, and use our content to start earning money AND helping others. 

Yes, we will. Once your application is approved, we will reach out to schedule a call with you to go over our offering and to answer any questions.  

You will also have access to the dashboard that shows the visits you generated, sales, commissions, etc. Inside the dashboard is a tab called “Creatives” where you will have access to suggested social posts, a quick start guide with messaging and pricing, and other helpful information.  

Overt pays 10% of the sale price of any customer purchases that come to our site through your link. You will also receive a 10% coupon code specific to you that you can share with your audience. After you make your first sale, you will also be eligible for perks such as unlimited personal access to self-directed programs and a 30% personal discount on professional led programs. To be eligible, customers should make a purchase within 60 days of clicking your link. 

Affiliates are paid monthly through PayPal.  

After you sign up and are approved, you will be able to log in to the dashboard and create custom links to Overt’s different pages. For instance, you may create a link to our free session page, which allows your audience to try a free session to get to know a therapist and our process, which helps them feel more comfortable in making a purchase.  

Your custom links will include your username, so make sure to pick a username that you want shared. For instance, if you choose the username Ilovementalhealth, then one of your custom links might be 

Yes, you can join our affiliate program no matter where you live. All of Overt’s self-directed programs can be purchased and used regardless of the location. However, our professional led programs (programs in which you meet with a therapist) are currently only offered in Utah due to therapist state licensing requirements. 

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